As our client, you get
a team of specialists

We do strategic online marketing for larger companies. Our clients span various industries, including leisure, IT and e-commerce. Many of our clients have one or more locations, shops or offices. What they all have in common is that they are ambitious and view online marketing as an important investment for their serious business.

We pull together

With Green.Click, you get a whole team of specialists. Each takes care of precisely the area of your business at which they are best. So no matter what your challenges are, we put the most qualified colleague to solve each task.

This also means that your contact person is a strategist – not a salesperson. The strategist will be familiar with your business and be an important resource when you want growth.

In short, we work every day to make our clients even better! We can only achieve this by working together with the client and by setting up strong teams of specialists and strategists.

Media Advisor

Your first contact at Green.Click will often be your Media Advisor. This is where the initial dialog starts and your collaboration options and wishes collaboration are discussed. Your Media Advisor will then team you up with the Strategist that is most suited to your business.

The Strategist

When you have a Strategist appointed to you, you get an extra set of eyes on your business. The Strategist looks at your entire business, online and offline, as well as the opportunities to develop and optimize the interactions between SEM, SEO and SMM. When it comes to data, the strategist goes one step further than your Media Advisor and uses the data and the overview to see where there is potential for your particular business.

The Specialist

Your SEM, SEO and SMM Specialist is by your side for your promotions and has their head buried deeply in your data. They are constantly on the look-out for opportunities that can optimize your online marketing in the best way possible. They then use this data as the basis for analyzing how best to carry out the daily optimization.


Once you are onboarded as our client, you will receive a call from support that helps you get started, giving you both the correct tracking and ongoing reports. You contact support at any time to have your questions answered quickly. You will either be helped immediately or have the opportunity to talk to the contact person most suited to help you.

So call 70 230 540 and get a quick answer.

Our specialties

Chains & franchises

We specialize in growing chains through online marketing. The advantage of having multiple sites, departments or offices are included as a strength in marketing. We start with individual local departments and optimize the company’s overall visibility. More for chains


When working with e-commerce clients, we always start with large amounts of data and utilize the benefits of setting up cost-effective automations and so on. In this area we have solid experience with larger setups with many different messages for different products.Her har vi grundig erfaring med større opsætninger med mange budskaber til de forskellige produkter.


For hotels and hotel chains, we are experienced in setting up serious campaigns that get the maximum benefit from the marketing budget. For example, we focus on helping hotels regain guests’ loyalty – and take ownership of their own marketing. More for hotels Blandt andet har vi fokus på at hjælpe hotellerne vinde gæsternes loyalitet tilbage – og tage ejerskab over egen markedsføring.

Client case study

See testimonials and results from some of our clients:

The collaboration with Green.Click has clearly shown what results can be achieved through online advertising. We will continue the collaboration, and we expect even greater results in the future.

Thomas Münster

Head of Sales, Dimension Design

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We always want to get smarter, so we keep up to date by taking different certifications.

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As I said, with Green.Click you get a whole team of specialists. Our common aim is turn your marketing into good business for you. Sign up if you would like to hear more about what it is like to be our client.

Michael Sørensen

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