Google Ads Agency that attracts more customers

In a world where everyone is online, it is about winning the moments that count! Be visible, be relevant and be present when the customer is ready to buy.

Here, Google Ads is a powerful tool that, with the right Specialists, delivers bottom-line results.

We work with Google

Green.Click is a Google Ads agency that works closely with Google. Among other things, we test new initiatives within the display, search, and shopping before many other agencies. This means that we can also always be one step ahead on behalf of our customers.

If you are a customer with us, you also get the benefit of having Google on board.

We are on your team

With us, you get access to a team of Specialists. Together with you, they are the strong team that achieves the goals of your marketing.

We are proud to say that we are NOT a full-service agency. We stick to what we are best at – namely strategic online marketing on Google and social media.

Everyone on the team is therefore also sharply focused on each their area. Here you also do not get a salesperson as a contact person, but a Strategist who can advise you and help with your online marketing.

Google Ads reporting

You always have the opportunity to look at our work at the seams. Your Strategist reviews your results with you every month. Here you get a full insight into your results and new opportunities.

And then it goes without saying for us, as your Google Ads partner, that your data always belongs to you – and not us.

Why choose Green.Click as your Google Ads agency?

– We are Google Partner and have direct contact with Google
– We set the strategy for your Google Ads advertising – and make sure to maintain it
– You get a permanent Strategic Specialist
– You get a permanent Google Ads Specialist
– You can see what you get for your money
– We have professional tools and our own reporting system

Google Ads Add-on Solutions

A Google Ads solution at Green.Click strengthens your business online. Based on data, we make sure you target your ads as accurately as possible and use your budget correctly.

To enhance your Google Ads, we also offer the following solutions that can complement and enhance your advertising:

+ Zapier integration

Integrate Zapier with Google Ads and make it easier to transfer information about your leads to mail systems, CRM, or otherwise.

+ Call Tracking

With Call Tracking, you can track which campaigns have triggered a call from a new customer.

Now it is your turn

Tell us a little about your business

Book a free meeting and let us know about your goals and your strategy. The better we know your business – the better we can create results with your marketing.

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Jeppe Fredborg

SEM Team Lead

Powerful tools

Google’s different channels each have their own characteristics. Your Specialist will help you find the combination of channels that best suits your company’s goals.


Make sure those who show interest in your business return to your website.

Google Display

Create visibility for your brand and your products.

Google Shopping

Show your products where your customers are looking for them.