Effective B2B marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is full of people who already have a business mindset. They are “open for business”, and thus also to your message.

Combining advertising with our sharp specialists gives you a channel that gets results for your bottom line.

Our Linkedin Marketing Solutions partner

When you are a client of Green.Click, our Linkedin Specialists handle your advertising. At the same time, we have a direct LinkedIn Marketing Solutions partner. This provides access to their specialists and strategic teams, and we can always count on them for additional sparring as we optimize your advertising.

Thanks to our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions partner, we always get the latest knowledge and test new initiatives before other agencies, so we can also make sure that our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.

Social Media Specialists on your team

We are competitive people, but don’t worry – we’re on your team! And we take that very literally. We believe that a strong collaboration with the client creates the best results. That’s why with us you get your own Social Media Specialist here at our offices.

The collaboration between you and your Specialist means that we can target the advertising specifically. So all advertising – whether for branding, leads or sales – is targeted at those who are relevant for your business. In this way you limit spending on useless, irrelevant clicks, instead making the most of your marketing dollars.

Marketing based on actual numbers & transparency

Our exclusive partnership with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions makes us capable of drawing special insights from LinkedIn. It provides insight into what will give you the most effect from your marketing, so that we can focus the resources there – at the same time giving you an overview of what you get for your money.

We believe in transparency and marketing based on real figures.

Why choose Green.Click for your Linkedin advertising?

These are the additional “tools” you get partnering with Green.Click for your LinkedIn advertising:

– Access to what your followers are engaged in
– Your own Social Media Specialist
– Monthly report
– 24 hour support through Green.Click
– CMS report that compares your company with competitors
– A solution that works in tandem with your other marketing activities
– Professional tools

Client case study

See testimonials and results from some of our clients:

The collaboration with our client Vlink has become a massive success because both parties have made a huge effort to make it so, both in the onboarding process, for the on-going meetings and in getting to know the setup.

Jesper Bundgaard Jensen

Head of Strategic hos Green.Click

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LinkedIn add-on Solutions

Our LinkedIn solutions involve us managing your advertising on LinkedIn. We work with you to target your ads to potential clients based on type of company, job titles etc., that are relevant to your product.

We also offer additional solutions that can strengthen your LinkedIn advertising:

+ Zapier integration

With Zapier integrated, the tool sends your leads from LinkedIn right to where you want them, for example to Mailchimp, email or Google Sheet.

+ Company Page

Create a LinkedIn Company Page and begin to advertise on the world’s largest B2B platform.

+ Organic Content

Let our Content Specialists create organic content for your LinkedIn profile, to ensure greater visibility and presence. This also makes it possible to advertise at a lower cost.

Let us know about your business

We’ve told you a lot. But what is really interesting is your business. So book a free meeting and tell us about your goals and strategy. We can use this information to look at your options together.

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Pernille Fibiger Jensen

Paid Social Team Lead