graphic design

For us, graphic design, strategy, UX and conversions are inextricably linked. We always create designs based on a deep knowledge of the company – and with the aim of achieving specific goals, whether in branding, conversion or direct sales.

That is why we offer graphic design as a supplement to your online marketing, because the right design can contribute to strengthening the results and lifting the brand.
Grafisk design

Design based on analysis

We take an analytical approach to graphics. For this reason, we do not simply design Google Display banners, websites or visual identities that are graphically beautiful. When you want to see results, this is insufficient. So rather than focusing purely on aesthetics, we take as our starting point the company in question and our knowledge and analysis of the target group’s behavior on the online channels. In this way we can develop the right design for the target audience. The design that works and makes the target group take the actions desired by the company.

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Graphic communication

Graphic design can aid in conveying different messages across channels such as Google or various social media. To achieve the most optimal effect, designs and messages must also be adapted to the individual channel.

Here are some of the channels for which we create graphic designs:
– Banners for Google Display, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram Ads
– Animation videos for advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin
– Email marketing templates

For clients who have their online marketing at Green.Click, we can also help with entire visual identities, brand guides, setups for design on a new website or optimization of existing and various digital brochures, presentations, offers, and other graphic aspects.

Need help with graphical execution?

If you also need someone to help you with the translation of company strategy into concrete execution – both for online campaigns and graphic design, please register here and we will contact you.

Anna Cecilie Nielsen

Lead Designer