Digital Performance Agency

We are specialists in digital strategy, business development and performance marketing. We convert our clients’ business goals into strategic marketing, branding and concrete execution that create value.

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Strategic online marketing

Based on strategy, method and creative solutions, we develop our clients’ business.

We start by collecting insight into the business and then develop the strategy to take the business to the next level. Having done so, we also manage the actual execution, by developing concepts, messages and design as well as the strategic execution on various online channels.

With a combination of a strong understanding of business, knowledge and insight into media and data, we create effective marketing that can be seen on your bottom line.

Strategic consulting

We consult you on your company’s digital presence and help set out out a digital strategy with a focus on creating results. We create the strategy based on your business and goals, ensuring a strong point starting point for executing your marketing.

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Branding & communication

Through branding and communication we create unique market positions for our clients. We help companies control their brand. We do this through branding workshops, where we prepare a company analysis, determine the communicative DNA and visualize the business concept.

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Performance Marketing

With a deep knowledge in SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and Linkedin we are specialists in digital marketing. As your specialists we dive into data and always take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the various platforms, meaning that we can unite your advertising to give you maximum benefit.

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Access your performance data

Green Click’s reporting system gives you easy access to comprehensive reports on how your channels are performing.

The reports are a visualization of your data from Google, Facebook and Linkedin and give you a clear overview of your results.

We also create special reports that give you exactly the reporting your business needs.

Access your performance data

International focus in your business?

Is your company already operating across national borders – or do you have plans to expand into new markets? If so, we are happy to act as a strategic sparring partner and ensure an optimal setup.
We help Danish companies as they go out in the world, and foreign companies going into the Scandinavian market.

In this way, we utilize the strength of the company’s international focus and work for a scalable setup that can help lift the execution in various channels.

International focus