Strategic Consulting & Digital Strategy

Green.Click transforms deep knowledge of business development, marketing and data into value for our clients. We work in a strategic, creative and data-focused manner, making us a strong sparring partner.

Together we develop clients’ businesses and create results through digital strategy, business development, communication and branding as well as performance marketing.

We build effective marketing based on proven methods in branding, digital strategy and campaign execution.


– Business analysis
– The communicative DNA
– Business concepts
– Business development

Own your brand

We are happy to start a collaboration for the development of the overall digital strategy, which we develop based on insight into data and your company’s DNA. In this way, we are able to create a complete online marketing funnel based on the company’s goals, where we include the plan for performance campaigns, messages, distribution of the individual channels, branding, lead generation and budget for the strategy.

Branding workshop focused on your business

If your company needs help to get complete control of your brand, we are happy to help you identify the core, thus enduring a solid point of departure for your marketing. Here, a mapping of the company’s brand can be used to prepare messages and content that can be used in the execution of the online performance marketing.

We build the marketing around your brand based on insight into your business and with a focus on achieving results.

When considering your company’s brand, it’s not just important to focus on what products you sell and what services you provide.

At least as important is identifying the brand essence. It is what makes clients connect with you as a company, because the relationship is built on more than just the specific product.

Through our branding workshop, we review different points together, as we believe you are the one who knows your company the best. It is all about establishing your company’s personality, the signal value you want to convey, and which market territories you want to take over / own, and we visualize the visualize the business concept. We also give our recommendations for optimization proposals for business development.

Digital Strategy

Once the brand is under control, we are ready to set a digital strategy for your marketing. The strategy works as a roadmap for how your marketing should be designed. And besides using your brand as the point of departure, we also look at data, objectives etc., as well as highly specific elements such as budget distribution for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital Strategy

– Business insight
– Data analysis
– Goals
– Plan and budget

A strategic starting point based on an understanding of the data and the business

We develop the digital strategy based on data analysis, business insight and your objectives. This includes considerations regarding what channels to use, who the target group is and what specific results the strategy should be targeted towards – depending on whether you want to generate more leads, strengthen sales, get more subscribers for webinars, newsletters etc.

This is also where we determine what content to create based on your brand and products. We then look at budget allocation to ensure the best possible results across the marketing channels.

A strong digital strategy involves many coherent elements, and the better the preparation, the greater success can be created through the strategy, which will be the concrete roadmap.


– Tracking
– Execution
– Continuous optimization
– Reporting

Campaign execution

Control of the branding and a well thought out digital strategy gives us a strong foundation for creating and executing your marketing campaigns. This is where we can really make a difference for your business, with SEO efforts that form the basis of a solid website. We also send relevant clients via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and email marketing – all with a focus on creating results for your company.


Data-driven campaigns

When we execute your campaigns, we always start by setting up tracking. In other words, we make it possible to gain insight into how users react to your marketing efforts. We are able to know whether they click, visit your website, buy or otherwise show interest. We collect this data on a continuous basis, at the same time making sure that both you and we are able to monitor the results.

We then set up the campaigns – including ads, keywords, audiences, targeting, budgets, bidding strategies, channel selection, and campaign types. And in order to always ensure the greatest possible benefit from the campaigns, we continuously optimize them based on the collected data.

We also seek to keep you always up to date through direct contact as well as monthly reports.

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Thomas Olsen

CEO & Partner