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We develop websites with a focus on conversions, branding and communication. A website should not merely be neat – it also needs to deliver results. That is why our website development is strongly focused on performance.

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Consulting, branding & development

We work as both your “consulting engineer” and “craftsman” when your new website is developed. We begin by looking at branding, communication and messages and plan a strong foundation before we start building the website. We develop the website based on the communication we develop – including visual identity.

In the process, a successful solution is achieved though the following steps:

1. Introduction meeting with needs mapping
2. SEO analysis incl. recommendations
3. Branding Workshop (control of brand, messages and key sales arguments)
4. Conversion points control
5. Content mapping
6. Project plan
7. Graphic design
8. Content development
9. Migration plan
10. Technical development
11. Launch


When developing the website, we create designs for the different types of subpages – again with a focus on both conversion and branding. We work on user-friendliness etc, and we place important CTAs on the website.


A good foundation is a website with clear communication of the business and the right conversion points. Otherwise, results will not be achieved.

Partner & CEO, Green.Click

Project management

To ensure coherence and continuous progress, we assign a permanent Project Management to the project. The Project Manager is your contact person in charge of status meetings and the person in charge of the ongoing dialog with developers, designers and copywriters.

Among other duties, the Project Manager also manages the start-up meeting, project planning, time estimates, deadline compliance and so on.

Hosting and continuous development

We include hosting and daily backups, setting up the firewall, monitoring the website, updating the website core and modules and ensuring the correction of any compatibility errors when updating modules.

We also ensure the future development of the site, as well as the option to adapt different technical setups in the form of continuous updating. This is how we make sure the website stays updated and dynamic, so as to follow the progression of your business.

You get full ownership of the website

Last but not least, you get full ownership of the website.
This is important as it makes it possible for you to change or move the site and all the content on it.

We see this as a matter of course, since it is you and your company that owns the business.

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Thomas Olsen

CEO & Partner