Strong Communication & Branding

We develop strong communication and branding based on company DNA. We go in-depth and develop the basic communication to create a strong foundation and high-quality materials that can be utilized in various channels.

Our goal is to inspire, challenge, take initiative and think both inside and outside the box.

Content development,
communication and design

e cover a wide range of communication tasks, including content development, concept development, communication strategy, copywriting, brand guide development, whitepapers, designing and preparing other graphic material, including website mock-ups, campaign banners and complete visual identities.

Brand & Identity

We map brands and define them communicatively. This is a prerequisite for developing a strong brand and communication strategy, which in turn is a prerequisite for developing content and messages that yield results.

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Grafisk design

Graphic design

We use the companies’ DNA as the basis for developing performance-centered design with a focus on strengthening conversions. It is no longer enough for a graphic expression to be visually pleasing – it must also yield results. For this reason we are also highly data-driven and methodical in our development of graphic design.

Marketing function

Our External Marketing function can be of immense value to companies without an in-house marketing person. Together, you plan what tasks to carry out, such as copywriting, newsletters creation, landing page creation etc., and then the marketing function handles the execution.

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Charlotte Lybech Mendes

Head of Marketing & Creatives