Brand & Identity

When a business builds its marketing, it must be based on a solid foundation. The company’s brand must be clearly defined, well thought out and consistent across both communication and the website.

With a strong point of departure you can get far better results from advertising on various channels, and a basis for achieving online success.

That is why we develop company brands and identities – to create results.

Branding Workshop

To create a strong point of departure, we often begin our collaboration with a Branding Workshop.

Here we work together with the client to get to the core, the communicative DNA and
important selling points. We always find that our clients have a lot of knowledge, which at first becomes clear when we ask about the exactly right areas in terms of branding. That is why our workshop indispensable for our work and yours with respect to branding your business.

Our Branding Workshop consists of the following 4 steps:

1. Preparation

We prepare the workshop based on your company and look at the opportunities and potential.

2. Branding Workshop

We conduct the workshop, where we work with the company to clarify its brand.

3. Basic communication

We analyze the benefits of the workshop, define the future communicative profile and develop a communication hierarchy with communicative DNA, elevator pitch, visual business concept for the company and concrete visualization of how the communication can be implemented.

4. Presentation

We present conclusions and solutions and provide concrete proposals for implementation in an existing or future website, as well as other marketing material.

Visual identity

Our Branding Workshop is also used as the basis for our offer to to prepare a brand guide, where we roll out the visual identity to reflect the brand and its strengths.

This includes for example defining colors, fonts, content, image style, examples of presentation material, logo process and usage guides for the different design tools. In this way we strengthen the overall brand, creating a strong identity across channels.


Concept development

We often play an active role as part of the solution for our clients. They use our creative competencies, which we bring into play as part of their business development. We also help with concept development in a number of contexts. This can be through developing a concept for branding a specific product, composition of the concept for a customer club, planning the presentation of a new product area, planning video materials and so forth.

So we focus on creating results as we contribute with initiatives that are always inspiring, developing and creative.

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