External marketing function

We manage your marketing tasks

With our external marketing function, you have the option of getting a permanent associated Marketing Specialist. With the external marketing function, you can on a running basis solve the tasks that otherwise often end up taking a permanent place on the to-do list. The function provides access to creative, content and setup tasks related to your performance marketing.

You get access to our Creative team

Your external marketing function is much more than access to one marketer. The person who takes on the role has the support of all our available competencies across our entire Creative Team, which consists of specialists on communication, visual identity, content and execution – always with the opportunity for sparring in each individual area.

The practicalities

The agreement on an external marketing function is entered into as an add-on to a performance agreement with Green.Click.
This very beneficial add-on agreement provides access to the following:

– A permanent marketing project manager
– Fast copywriter
– Opportunity for strategic sparring
– Production of social media content
– Maintenance of website with new pages and publication of content
– Possibility of purchasing graphic design and layout setup for all
Kinds of material as well as services such as dynamic animation and video editing


What will you use us for?

The many capabilities of Creatives means multiple opportunities for you to use us in your marketing. We adapt the process to benefit your business as much as possible, while we bring the creative ideas to you. Our creative work is always data-based, meaning we always make surer the content we create leads to results.

This is how our clients use the external marketing function

We start by working together to lay out the plan for the first 3 months, so we tailor the content of the function to your company.

We then provide ongoing follow-up on the plan and hold monthly status meetings.

Do you need a marketing professional for content and setup?

Get in touch and hear more.

A marketing professional with experience and skills for both content, setup and marketing is difficult to find – but with Green.Click’s external marketing function you get a solid marketing professional who spars closely with both specialists and strategists in business development and performance marketing.

Eva Eriksen

Marketing Specialist