International focus

We help Danish companies go out into the world – and we help foreign companies come into Scandinavia.

If your business is already well established in one or more existing markets, it may be time to consider an online strategy for internationalisation.

Here we can help and with an international focus, we create long-term solutions that ensure a digital foundation across borders.

We do this based on strategic considerations and concrete, structured SEO and country-focused online performance marketing.
Internationalt fokus

Expand abroad

For Danish companies, there may be good opportunities for growth by expanding abroad. This opens up more potential customers, increased revenue and the possibility of lower unit costs. In addition, the Danish market may be limited – especially for niche products, which may find great benefits in expanding.

We can help your business reach new customers in foreign markets through focused effort. Here we help with the entire process from digital strategy, branding and communication to the concrete execution of your performance marketing and translation of websites and campaigns.

Enter the Scandinavian market

We have excellent knowledge of the Scandinavian market and can help you execute your go-to-market strategy in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

You benefit from a local partner who understands consumers and their needs, the language and strategic marketing to expand your business in an attractive market.

Goal setting, cooperation and reporting

If we partner with your company – and if you want to expand into one or more new markets – we start with analytical groundwork. Based on this, we develop a digital strategy and action plan for how the company can best enter the market in question. Together we set KPIs and map USPs, competitors, core products and the general framework for collaboration.

To keep you informed of developments, we provide a monthly report on the company’s performance in the countries concerned. We are also happy to set up special reports for each market and review these with you at regular monthly meetings.

SEO and Google Ads in new markets

SEO in emerging markets

When we work with SEO, we always focus on the business-critical keywords. In an international setup, we also focus on the structure, so the website is set up optimally in relation to being found by the potential customers in the country in question.

That’s why we ensure that language segmentation is set up correctly. In addition, we ensure that the structure and setup of the top-level domain is set up correctly for optimal visibility in each country.

In general, the SEO process consists of the following points:

  1. SEO Analysis
  2. Review of technical setup
  3. Long-term SEO plan
  4. Preparation of content
  5. Linkbuilding
  6. Continuous SEO process

Google Ads in new markets

As in SEO, the Google Ads set-up should centre on the company’s business-critical keywords – including the brand and the most important generic terms.

We structure the set-up based on a main account, under which the individual countries are placed. This makes the effort scalable – and there is the opportunity to add additional countries down the road.

In general, the process for Google Ads consists of the following points:

  1. Google Ads analysis
  2. Recommendations
  3. Building the setup
  4. Tracking setup
  5. Concrete campaign strategies and follow-up
  6. Continuous Google Ads optimisation and reporting

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