Performance Marketing

We strengthen our clients’ businesses with a strategy that goes across some of the strongest channels in the world.

We achieve this through business development and digital strategy. On this basis we are able to create a strong platform with SEO and campaigns across Google Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook. What you get is a marketing effort that also integrates the company’s existing goals and strategy.



When we work with SEO, we do so strategically and so as to optimize both technically and on page.

We always optimize on the basis of insight into the business and create a strong foundation for the rest of your marketing through a focused SEO effort.
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Google Ads

Google Ads gives comprehensive reach, specific targeting and access to clients.

Green.Click collaborates with Google, giving our clients a significant advantage as we have have access to test new features before everyone else.

As part of the Google Ads solution, our SEM Specialists use some of the largest and most recognized tools on the market. We use data to continuously optimize and provide recommendations for optimizing your business.


The Linkedin platform is particularly effective for B2B companies seeking to generate more leads. And since Linkedin lets you target your ads in a very specific way, the possibilities for reaching out to just the right people are tremendous.

This lets you minimize wasted advertising dollars and provides higher quality leads. We set up, target, test and improve, add relevant lead lists, and target your messages. We make the ads on several tracks, ensuring both branding, lead generation and remarketing.


As the number one social media in Denmark, Facebook offers great ways to reach all types of target groups. The ads are effective, and the opportunities for reaching the target audience is good. Advertising on Facebook makes it possible to show ads across channels; Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. We setup campaigns, ensure tracking and conversion goals and create campaigns based on your company brand and communication goals.


Email marketing is an important component of online marketing. It allows you to continuously influence the leads that have already been created through other channels.

Email marketing messages can also be targeted very specifically, increasing sales and creating loyal clients.