The Green.Click reporting system gives you easy access to comprehensive reports on how your channels are performing. – even if you don’t use any other of our services.

The reports visualize your data from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. The system is in Danish and gives you a clear overview of your performance.

This is what you get:

– Overall results from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn
– Overview of how your marketing budget is spent
– Insight into exposures, clicks, conversions, price, etc.
– Visualization of what devices your users use
– Possibility of optimizing your ad efficiency based on data
– Overview of trends with monthly overview and comparison
– Overview of your current ads and keywords
– Overview of actions performed by your users
– Insight into who your users are

Optimize your advertising

Our monthly reports give you a better insight into the process around your own advertising. At the same time, you gain insight and more knowledge about your own business. The reporting system is updated and developed continuously, and you get all upcoming updates.

Simple & clear reporting

The reports are focused on simplicity and clarity. You do not need to be an expert on the area to benefit from the insight. We translate and select your data to give you an easy overview of your performance.’

The great advantage of our reporting system is that it provides insight across your channels, including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn – and the reports are in Danish.

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Reporting from Google, Facebook & Linkedin

The reports give you insight into your ads, types, price, and conversions across platforms:


Green.Click reporting gives you insight into who your Facebook users are. For example, you will get information about gender distribution, where your users come from geographically and which age group shows interest. All the key information you need to be able to make your content targeted.


LinkedIn itself does not feature a reporting tool with adequate information. But with Green.Click reporting, we use LinkedIn tracking to give you insight into the relevant date. Here you can see what types of companies show interest in your company, so that you can subsequently set up your campaigns with these in mind.

Google Ads

Green.Click reporting systems extract all the important data from Google Analytics, clarify the results and translate them into Danish. With tracking from Google, you can track the results of your pages in the generic search function as well as the performance of your promotions.

Overall reporting

The Green.Click reporting system joins together all the best features from the three platforms to help you optimize your online marketing and give you insight into where you can make adjustments to get the most out of your marketing budget.


“How do I get started?”

All you need to get started is to have set up the different codes offered by each channel for tracking traffic. We will of course also happily help you with this.

“Do I need to be an existing client?”

You do not need to be an existing Green.Click client to access the reporting system.

“Can’t I just use Google Analytics?”

Google has its own reporting system, Google Analytics, just like Facebook’s Business Manager. With our reports, we have done the processing for you and compare your results from all three channels – and LinkedIn has no such option on its own page

“Is it difficult to get an overview of the figures and statistics in the report?”

The data in the report have been carefully selected with exactly the information that is useful for you in your work – all boiled down to a manageable size and in comprehensible language.